Video Interview with Mike Mastronardi

Portland Food Heads has published an interesting video interview with Mike Mastronardi the new owner of Fit to Eat.

Mastronardi: When people say Fit to Eat I want them to immediately salivate…I want them to be sitting at their desk thinking about the sandwich they had a couple days ago and just dying and saying I need that again. I want them to crave it, I want them to be addicted to it.

One comment on “Video Interview with Mike Mastronardi

  1. This might totally be unrelated to the current owner(s) but after going once a couple of years ago and seeing the sandwich maker change a garbage bag in a can in between making sandwiches (WTH!) I have never been again. This is coming from someone who lunches in the downtown core every day of the week. TO ALL THE LUNCH PLACES DOWNTOWN, NOTHING HURTS YOUR BUSINESS LIKE BAD FOOD HANDLING.

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