Via Vecchia to Open on Friday


Via Vecchia (instagramfacebookwebsite) is scheduled to open on Friday with options for both indoor and outdoor seating. Via Vecchia is a new restaurant and bar from Blyth & Burrows owner Joshua Miranda.

Located at 10 Dana Street in the 3,900 sq ft space formerly occupied by Vignola/Cinque Terre, Via Vecchia will be serving a menu of Italian food (think pizzettes, house-made pasta, polenta fries, etc), classic and creative cocktails, and Italian wines.

The Via Vecchia design team have created a beautiful space that draws its inspiration from pre-WWI European bistros. The front room features a circular bar. The back dining room has  seating in the mezzanine and a table for larger parties on the ground floor.

Reservations for Via Vecchia are available on

6 comments on “Via Vecchia to Open on Friday

  1. Looks delish! Makes me hungry just looking at the photos. Can’t wait to see the space.

  2. No one does it better than Josh Miranda. I got to tour the place a month ago and it’s probably one of the most stunning restaurants I’ve ever set foot in. Topping Blyth & Burrows seemed an insurmountable task, but that only made Josh work harder. We won’t make the soft open, but we can’t wait to check it out. Another home run for Josh.

  3. Decor is Fabulous with that Good Old Italian Feel. Great old Italian photos, great music system, the food Looks absolutely delicious! ;-})

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