Vegan Ice Cream

Wednesday’s Press Herald reports on the growing number of local options for vegan ice cream.

“People went crazy for it,” said Kelley. “And those who had tried our ice cream that weekend ended up telling everyone they knew. Before we knew it, people were coming into the Market House looking for the vegan ice cream.”

Ashley said the demand was too big to ignore, causing Sticky Sweet to pivot from sticky rice to vegan ice cream (which Sticky Sweet calls a “frozen plant-based treat.”)

One comment on “Vegan Ice Cream

  1. My compliments to Ashley for not calling it ice cream as it’s a grinch of mine that vegans and vegetarians alike seem determined to call dairy and meat products by names that quite frankly they don’t deserve. Tofu turkey ain’t turkey, nor are vegan hot dogs worthy of being called such.

    Want to eat a plant based diet? Fine, but at least be honest and call it that.

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