Veebie has Launched

A new food service has launched in the Old Port. Veebie (website, facebook, instagram) partners with local restaurants to handle online ordering and distribution of a set menu each day. Think of it like a modern day automat.

To use the service, customers order and pay for their meal on (menus go live at 9am) and then pick up one of the premade dishes out of the “cubbies” assigned to them at the time of purchase. The kiosk is located in front of the Nickelodeon Theater.

The current version of Veebie is a prototype without locking compartments so an attendant is in place to help out. Future versions of Veebie will have digitally controlled locks and the option for both hot and cold meals.

The current list of restaurants working with Veebie are: Daily Greens, Union Kitchen, Sisters Gourmet Deli, B Good, and Foodworks.

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