Union Bagel Co. Expansion

Union Bagel Company is considering moving their bakery to Westbrook where they’d also operate a second retail shop, according to a report from the Press Herald.

The Westbrook Planning Board reviewed a sketch plan Tuesday for the proposed location of the company’s wholesale operation, as well as a new retail shop, at 9 Cumberland St.

The building, located on the rotary leading to downtown Westbrook, has seen frequent turnover in recent years, having been home to Thanksgivings, Hoggy’s Market and most recently, Eddie’s Eatery.

3 comments on “Union Bagel Co. Expansion

  1. Love Union bagel but I’m hoping it’s more for bakery needs than retail because westbrook is mr bagel/Dunkin donuts territory and they do not like change. Very much creatures of habit. They’re not planning to close Portland store are they?

    Also it’s been being worked on for awhile, pizzaiolo is the name of the place going in at 360 cumberland ave in Portland.

    Also the Mesa verde spot seems to be back in action with construction which is good

  2. Not sure who “they” is in the above but those of us in Westbrook are desperate for a decent cup of coffee and a a good bagel. Love that Union is on the way! First the brewery, now this–all good!

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