Under Construction: Zen Chinese Bistro

Zen Chinese Bistro has applied to the city for a liquor license application. You’ll recall from last week’s news that Zen is under construction at 45 Danforth Street in the building that used to be the home of District.

Zen’s cover letter indicates that they plan on operating a “full service restaurant serving gourmet, lighter, healthier, fresher Chinese cuisine” and that they currently own both the Mediterranean Grill in Freeport and AKI Japanese Cuisine in Brunswick. A draft menu is also included in the supporting materials (page 59).

6 comments on “Under Construction: Zen Chinese Bistro

  1. So the draft menu looks precisely the menu at almost all Chinese restaurants.

    How is it gourmet? I was hoping it might me the Boda of this sort of food.

  2. Please consider listing Taj Indian Cuisine in South Portland. It is where Aroma used to be, by Home Depot and Rockler woodworking. Better yet, if you like Indian or spicy, give it a try. I have been twice for the buffet and had some really great food. While I enjoyed Aroma, I like this place a lot more – much bolder spices, more heat. Thank you. tajofmaine.com btw, I’m not affiliated in any way, but I will cry if they go out of business 🙂

  3. If Mediterranean Grill and AKI are anything to go by, I wouldn’t get too excited, Cat. Both places are pretty ho hum and overpriced.

  4. Yep, standard Chinese restaurant menu. Wonder how that will work in that neighborhood and that building? It does not seem like the right combination.

    And here I was hoping Portland would finally get a great Chinese restaurant.
    (As opposed to all the standard crappy places which litter Portland just like every other town.)

  5. Jesus . . . another mediocre-to-bad Chinese eatery in a land filled with nothing but. Ugh. Boston is too far to have to go for a decent Chinese fix. Anybody listening out there?

  6. I have not eaten at their new Chinese restaurant in Brunswork but their Turkish and Greek restaurant in Freeport is one I’ve eaten at many times over the years — it is superb.

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