Under Construction: Zen Bistro

A Chinese restaurant called Zen Bistro is under construction at 45 Danforth Street in the space occupied until recently by District. The building has been bought by the owners of Mediterranean Grill in Freeport. They hope to open Zen Bistro later this Summer.

2 comments on “Under Construction: Zen Bistro

  1. If I am not mistaken the wife of the owner of the Mediterranean Grill owns China Rose, a chinese restaurant, in Freeport. If this is true and the Zen Bistro is similar to China Rose then it will be same old/same old Maine Chinese restaurant.

  2. I think you may be right about the ownership of the China Rose. I haven’t been to China Rose so don’t have a perspective on their food. Let’s hope the owners of Zen Bistro understand this is an opportunity to step it up a notch or two and fill longstanding gap in Portland’s restaurant line-up.

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