Under Construction: The Truffle Truck

A new Italian food truck called The Truffle Truck (website, facebook, instagram, twitter) is under development with plans to launch later this year on Commercial Street.

Chef Corrado Cassoni is planning a menu that includes tajarin and truffles, potato stuffed agnolotti and truffles, arancini, pasta e fagioli, carbonara with lobster and truffles, and pannaacotta with truffles. Truffle Truck promises “Authentic Italian Cuisine of the highest quality at an affordable price”.

2 comments on “Under Construction: The Truffle Truck

  1. I wonder where on Commercial Street there would be room for this. I think there was an El Rodeo taco truck down between Franklin and India this last summer. I love finding trucks on the Eastern Prom personally… picnic ready to go!

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