Under Construction: The Return of Deux Cochon

Deux Cochon, the short lived (April 11-August 3, 2011) but very popular shop in the Public Market House, has announced that they’re making a comeback.

Starting early next year Adam Alfter and friends will be serving their brand of “Southern Food Hooliganism” from the back of a Portland food truck.

In celebration of Portland, ME finally allowing food trucks to grace the city’s streets, I’m picking up a sweet old truck next week in Brooklyn, so that a couple friends and I can play along. Chicken & waffles, poutine, biscuit waffles & gravy and various breakfast-like creations will be our focus, but blackboard randomness will also be offered to all ye late-night Old Port revelers. Will be rolling out in about a month, but will start posting photos in the meantime soon.

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