Under Construction: The Porthole

The front page of Food & Dining section in today’s Press Herald includes a feature article on the relaunch of The Porthole.

As for the food, the restaurant will be serving breakfast and lunch year-round, and will be open seven months out of the year for dinner, serving mostly seafood.

[Chef Jesse] Poirier said the menu will retain “the staples that made the Porthole famous in the first place.” That includes the fish fry, the Florentine, the lobsterman’s breakfast and the lobster Benedict.

3 comments on “Under Construction: The Porthole

  1. The new Udder Place spot looks really close to opening. Even have the big chalkboard up with all the coffee and whatnot prices on it on the side wall.

  2. Nick, do you know what the new shop is going to be named? I didn’t see a sign when I drove by yesterday.

  3. Perhaps, “Purple Mile”? Or “Crooked Udder”? “Shay’s Udder”? There you go, provided some motivation to reveal the real name! 🙂

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