Under Construction: The Jewel Box

Urban Eye has posted an update on The Jewel Box, a new cocktail bar being launched by Nathaniel Meiklejohn.

For the jaded drinker, who has been there, sipped that, there will be themes.

Take monk night for instance. Meiklejohn will coordinate music (Thelonious) with monk-made liquor like Bénédictine and chartreuse.

These herbal elixirs developed in 17th and 19th century France make prohibition cocktails sound quaint.

Visit thebeardedladysjewelbox.com for news and to sign-up for the bar’s mailing list.

3 comments on “Under Construction: The Jewel Box

  1. I’m not sure if you’ve commented on this before but on Exchange across from Holy Donut is a papered up spot that says “Coming Soon Vincenzo’s Bakery”

  2. Nan’l did submit a draft menu as part of his liquor license application. There will be food, it’s just not the focal point of what he’s doing.

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