Under Construction: Ten Ten Pié

Ten Ten Pié has announced that Atsuko Fujimoto will be heading up the kitchen in the new eatery.

Ten Ten Pié is proud to announce Markos´ partner: Atsuko Fujimoto of Miyake. Atsuko will be the mastermind in the kitchen, blending traditional French pastry, Japanese culinary discipline, and multi-cultural flavors to offer unique morning pastries, freshly prepared snacks, and take-out lunches and dinners.

Fujimoto comes to Ten Ten Pié from Miyake but has also worked at Fore Street and Standard Baking. Fujimoto and partner Markos Miller hope to open in August.

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  1. Atsuko San is a chef if immense talent and will take Portland by storm. Gombatei kudasai!

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