Under Construction: Tempo Dulu

A new Asian restaurant called Tempo Dulu(facebook) is under construction according to a brief report in today’s Press Herald,

The new owners of the Danforth Inn, 163 Danforth St., plan to open a Southeast Asian fine dining restaurant called Tempo Dulu in early 2015. It will be the first restaurant at the inn since Carmen at the Danforth, a Latin restaurant, closed in early 2013.

Here’s an explanation of the name from the restaurant’s facebook page,

Many ask us what does Tempo Dulu (or Doeloe) mean? It is Indonesian for the Olden Days..Tempo + Dulu means time of old. A time when Indonesian was part of the Netherlands East Indies and more specifically the time between 1870 and the beginning of the First World War. A time when life was good, the paste was slow and a where an ‘Indies’ lifestyle was created, blending Indonesian and European elements. The rijsttafel (rice table), a meal of rice with spicy side dishes, is one of the best-known aspects of this mixed Indonesian European culture.

See the PFM Under Construction list for information on other projects under development.

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  1. Indeed, it’s a fats paste whirled we live in.

    (The longing for colonial times seemed a bit odd, too.)

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