Under Construction: Tempo Dulu, Scales, Portland Patisserie, Ramen Suzukiya

Here are some updates on four restaurants under construction in Portland:

  • Tempo Dulu(facebook, website) will be opening on June 19th and is now taking reservations.
  • Sam Hayward and Dana Street are planning to open their new restaurant, Scales, at the end of the summer. The “full-scale seafood emporium in the New England style” will have a 25-seat bar and the dining room will seat another 100-120 according to an article from Maine Travel Maven.
  • In the same article the Maine Travel Maven also reports that Portland Patisserie(facebook), the new pastry shop from Steve and Michelle Corry, is planning to open in “mid-June”. Take a look at this instagram photo by Chris Kast captured this glimpse of the interior on Instagram.
  • Ramen Suzukiya(facebook) needs to make some final renovations in order to get their Certificate of Occupancy from the city. If all goes according to plan they hope to open June 13, according the Eater Maine.

4 comments on “Under Construction: Tempo Dulu, Scales, Portland Patisserie, Ramen Suzukiya

  1. Not so weird if you factor in that it’s a different landlord their previous one who was Joe Soley whom they had epic battles with.

    Rumour has that an d’Angelo’s is going in where the Fully Belly Deli was thought to be going.

  2. See a TacoTrio trailer is parked at building that has held a plethora of neighborhood markets on Forest in Riverside area that is presently under construction. Any idea if this is going to be a second location?

  3. I am not against chains downtown like some other folks because I believe the market will determine whether they make it. I can’t see D’angelos making it at all. The one that came out of nowhere was that Subway on first floor of the garage in old TGIF building. I have honestly never seen one person in there.

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