Under Construction: Sur Lie


Antonio Alviar and Krista Cole have leased the adjacent empty store fronts at 11 and 13 Free Street (formerly Roost and Compositions) where they plan on opening Sur Lie, a wine and cocktail bar/tapas restaurant.

Alviar and Cole are planning on serving a diverse menu of various sized plates intended for solo dining or sharing amongst a group. They’re putting special focus on putting together excellent wine and cocktail program for Sur Lie.

Sur Lie was recently approved for a loan from the Portland Development Corporation. Renovations to the 3,000 sq ft space will begin soon, and if all goes according to schedule Sur Lie should open in August.

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  1. Terrible location and I think we saw what happened to Plush West End. This feels like that all over again. Good luck to them but my spidey sense is tingling on this one.

  2. Nick, I met with them to discuss what they’re planning. It really is a very different concept than Plush. It’s more in line with Lolita or Central Provisions.

    Yes, the location is a little bit out of the way but I think these 2 have the ability to pull it off and make Sur Lie a success.

  3. I hope everybody makes it here but portland is so quirky and there’s these small dead spots and that’s one of them. We can only handle so many tapas/cocktail places. Good luck

  4. How is the wine bar doing at 1 City Center? Whether or not they’re more in line with Central or Plush will have little to do with it. As Nick stated, it’s the locations and some of them are just cursed.

  5. I think the Wine Bar is doing good. Went there for the first time the other night, really liked the spot. Going to be great in the summer months. Nice to have a transition spot between Arts district/old port. He also knows a ton of people from working in the industry so long so I think that helped. If it were Bob and John’s wine bar that might not have worked.

    Problem is that Roost spot is right at end of one way street. Only visible to those taking Free down the whole way.

  6. Last time (a few months ago) that I was in the wine bar, they said they were doing well. I consider that spot as a “hinge” between the Old Port and Arts District. As Nick points out, the Roost spot will almost have to be a destination place as there will be few people walking by (could prove to be a good happy hour place with all the office workers nearby) but if the food is good, Portlanders will surely find it. Little Tap House is doing very well in the old Plush space so location is not necessarily the issue. I think they were doomed when they named the place “Plush”. Was I going out to dinner or to a strip club.

  7. Plush wasn’t a location issue it was a trying too hard to be swank issue. LTH took the safe route of craft beers/upscale pub food and nailed it. Wannawaf was the wrong business in the wrong location. If she opened as a food truck she’d probably be doing well. Some places surprise me like thirsty pig and north point. I had low hopes for mainely wraps making it but it think they’re doing okay.

    I really think Nosh set the blueprint on what will work in portland

    Now somebody open a craft Mac n cheese / craft beer restaurant with me or a laundrymat/ bar in west end

  8. Thanks guys for the kind words. We are doing just fine. I hope all restaurateurs who work hard and follow their dreams do well. Tony has a great track record of working hard. I wish he and Christa luck. I feel like any establishment that promotes wine in portland is helping Mj’s. I also know that 3000 square feet is a ton and that they too will have to be a destination. I also opened The Little Tap House with Lee and I know that the best concepts in the best locations can fail(think Jp thorntons)And a well managed simple establishment with no bells or whistles can win if it offers consistent value. It’s a jungle out there and I think everyone is just doing their best. This “hinge” neighborhood may just be the new downtown.

    Ps. The patio is open and jazz is back!

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