Under Construction: South Portland Brewpub

The Press Herald, The Forecaster, and Eater Maine all report that a new brepub is under development in South Portland at 15 Ocean Street.

Julia and Craig Dilger have purchased an abandoned repair shop at 15 Ocean Street in South Portland and plan to turn it into a new neighborhood brewpub.

The couple, who live in Portland, say their as-yet-unnamed pub will “offer an unpretentious yet modern and comfortable aesthetic in terms of food, drink and experience.” They plan to offer family brunch on the weekends, “Pints and Purls” knit nights, and bicycle racks for folks riding the nearby Eastern Trail who want to stop in for some refreshment.

3 comments on “Under Construction: South Portland Brewpub

  1. This sounds promising. This area could really use a solid pub-type restaurant. I was hopeful that the SoPo Bar & Grill would fill the need, but it’s the worst Portland-area restaurnat at which I’ve dined since moving here seven years ago.

  2. The building they have is an old school brick warehouse that I’ve always thought would make a great… something, like BBQ or brew-pub. Really excited by this, and for the neighborhood.

    Don’t discount The Snowsquall (also at the end of Ocean St). They have a decent vibe, a solid menu at reasonable (for a change) prices, and they work hard. Scallop & Bacon kabob w/pomegranate balsamic glaze is good. Burgers are reliably pleasing. Fish & Chips came out perfectly. Check it out

  3. NolaSox I agree. Can’t wait as I take the 7 mile greenbelt there!
    So Po Bar & Grill.. had the worst submarine/grinder/Italian (as they say here in Maine) it was all bread, dry and little amt of food. I rather go back to the Ptld Hs of Pizza.
    I will be emailing [Craig Dilger] for a follow up and request that if possible those of us that want to help volunteer to assist them in getting moving forward so I can sit with that beer and pizza asap.


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