Under Construction: Soju & Havana South

Some fresh under construction news:

  • A new restaurant called Soju is planned for the old Thai Chef Buffet space on Congress Street. They plan on serving Japanese and Korean cuisine. You can see a draft of their sushi menu (page 86) in the supporting materials they supplied to the city as part of their liquor license application.
  • Havana South has also applied for a liquor license (see partial draft menu, page 106). One of the more interesting things to note on Havana’s floor plan (below) is an area right along Union Street marked Butcher Shop.
  • In related news, Chiang Mai which moved out of the the butcher shop space on Union Street looks like they’re getting close to reopening at their new location on Washington Ave.

2 comments on “Under Construction: Soju & Havana South

  1. Also, “under construction,” has anyone heard anything about the new place going into the old Mexico Lindo on Forest Ave? The sign now says, “Venue Music Bar and Grill Coming Soon.”

  2. I think that is the same place that is located in Freeport. Are they moving, opening a new location or am I completely mistaken? I hope they can make it work for more than a year or so like the previous 3 or 4 tenants.

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