Under Construction: Slab

Today’s Press Herald includes a front page story on Slab, a new bakery/pizzeria headlined by Stephen Lanzalotta.

Slab will operate in the spot once occupied by Scales, a seafood restaurant that anchored the public market. The space has 30-foot-high beam ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows. If approved by the city, the layout will include an outdoor beer garden with 20 taps and 160 seats.

5 comments on “Under Construction: Slab

  1. That patio is a sick location for a beer garden and even on a slow day he has a whole work force in the building. Glad we get a chance to go inside the market again. Such a great building that just wasn’t set up properly and missed the foodie explosion by a few years

  2. ^^ Nick – I have often lamented the timing of the Market closing. If it had held out, it could have soared. Think I’ll always miss it.

    I’m really excited about this new venture. Lanzalotta’s food has always been so good and this space could be so great! Btw, I would love to see Scales open again someplace. Do you think Dana Street reads PFM? Ha, hope so.

  3. I swear to God just two weeks ago a canadian couple asked me on the street where Scales restaurant was. I’m like, I know every restaurant name and we don’t have one called that. Hit me later that day about the old market place.

    The market was literally one block in the wrong direction. Not only that, they really screwed up the opening years of it by rules. They wouldn’t even let them sell ready to eat food like a sandwich or anything. You had all these tables and incredible open space and you could basically have a coffee and a pastry. It was great during the holidays all dressed up. What a waste.

    This should be a huge huge hit though. Haven’t peeked through that entrance but will the office views be completely cut off or do they have to work all day looking at people eating and drinking beer?

  4. Holy Donut on Exchange is delayed due to a broke fryer (posted on their facebook).. hoping to open Thursday.

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