Under Construction: Roustabout

A new restaurant and bar named Roustabout is under development on Washington Ave in the old Nissen Bakery building. According to the press release, the 75-seat restaurant will be open 6 days a week serving a “well crafted, imaginative takes on Italian-American fare, and the full bar will serve from daylight to candlelight, featuring a small but respectable beer list; an attainable, mostly natural wine list; and a concise list of well executed cocktails.” Roustabout will be oppen for lunch, dinner and late night food as well as weekend brunch.

Owners Kit Paschal (Row 34, Hunt & Alpine, Eastern Standard) and Anders Tallberg (Hugo’s, Hungry Mother)

have a long history in the food and beverage industry, and look forward to bringing their considerable experience to a new concept together. Balancing care and thoughtfulness with a hearty, rugged New England sensibility, Roustabout will feature excellence in hospitality and a well considered bar program in a relaxed atmosphere. Culture comes first for Paschal and Tallberg, and they look forward to being a fun and vibrant hub in the community.

For those of you keeping count this makes 3 different restaurants currently under development on inner Washington Ave: Terlingua, A Lively Palate and now Roustabout. Maine & Loire opened on Washington Ave earlier this year.

In the release, Paschal and Tallberg share that they are “very excited to be a part of the growing neighborhoods of Munjoy Hill and East Bayside…[and] want to offer all the comforts of a place where you’re going to want to become a regular.”

4 comments on “Under Construction: Roustabout

  1. Where is everyone going to park with all the establishments opening up on this stretch of Washington Ave?

  2. Honestly has been my thought too. I hate when people complain about old port parking but all these new eateries next to a giant run down part of town with no spots

  3. Roustabout will have night and weekend access to the parking lots at their building.

  4. Rundown is a little harsh, especially to us who have been here for a long time and have been trying to help make the neighborhood better – which is definately happening via the mix of new neighbors and increased foot traffic. Welcome Roustabout!

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