Under Construction: Rose Foods

Rose Foods (website, facebook, instagram) will be the name of Chad Conley’s new bagel shop and cafe in Portland, slated to open this summer. As reported back in February, Conley has leased the former Brea Lu space at 428 Forest Ave.

A press release from Rose Foods describes the concept as a,

counter-service bagel shop, neighborhood cafe, and retail store, featuring food from New York Jewish cuisine. Smoked seafood and other specialty products will be featured for retail sale and on bagel sandwiches, alongside deli classics like sour pickles, pastrami sandwiches, matzo ball soup and a variety of salads.

The space will have a dining room for eating in-house and Conley plans to expand to selling bagels wholesale and to offer catering services starting in the winter. His inspiration for Rose Foods dates back a few years to a bagel shop he visited in Toronto. The business is named after his wife Rachel’s great-grandmother.

Conley is the co-owner of Palace Diner.

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  1. Is he going to make the bagels? Other than The Purple House there aren’t good NY or Toronto style bagels here

  2. Maybe you can hire David Rosen to manage the deli…
    He has great knowledge and a following

  3. Just saw this now. I don’t think there is such a thing as Toronto style bagels, unless Toronto has tried to steal “Montreal style” bagels and make it their own. There’s a great bagel shop in Ottawa that makes Montreal style bagels, and they call them Montreal style bagels. I believe the Purple House does too.

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