Under Construction: Proper Charlie’s

A new cocktail bar called Proper Charlie’s is under development at 26 Exchange Street.

Owner and Maine native Joshua Miranda “hopes to appeal to Portland’s more refined cocktail consumer” and “bring a modern interpretation of a classic cocktail bar to one of our City’s more iconic thoroughfares.”

Here’s an excerpt of the draft cocktail menu (page 38) supplied with the liquor license application,


and the draft food menu (page 40).


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  1. If you want a cheaper drink in a bar, there’s lots of those still in The downtown area including Rosie’s and Russki’s, not to forget the Old Port Tavern and any of the sports bars, all of which are quite affordable for a pint of whatever you want. And I really don’t expect any bar serving cocktails in the heart of the Old Port to be affordable given that rents tend to be high there.

    Too expensive for you? Don’t drink there. It’s not as if you need a cocktail anyways.

  2. You left out Amigo’s, and Ruski’s is way out in the West End and nowhere near the weekend bar-crawling zone 🙂 . But the last time I was out in the Old Port at last call Erik’s was still giving out free pizza after midnight.

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