Under Construction: Portersfield Cider


David Buchanan’s new cider company, Portersfield Cider is set to launch this later this month. Buchanan will be selling the Portersfield line of farmhouse-style hard cider from his stand in the Deering Oaks Farmers’ Market. David has a pair or ciders in the works:

[The] first release blends over a dozen apple varieties, including Baldwin, Northern Spy, and Golden Russet, while a second will include aronia berries and elderberries.

He plans for the Portersfield farm winery in Pownal to be,

a production space and conservation center, focused on preserving and evaluating rare American cider fruits. In Buchanan’s sixth year of collecting fruit trees, his orchard now has over 250 varieties of apples and cider pears, including many in danger of extinction.

In addition to launching Portersfield Cider, David is the author of Taste, Memory and for the past few years has operated the Old Ocean House Farms stand at the Saturday farmers’ market.

You can get a chance to try Portersfield Cider at the Maine Fare Hard Cider Revival taking place this Thursday.

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