Under Construction: Petite Jacqueline

Petite Jacqueline is slated to re-open in May. The bistro will be merged with Portland Patisserie and the new business will occupy 46 Market Street. The reconfigured space will include a bar and seat 48 overall. The plan is to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner at the new Petite Jacqueline 7 days a week.


0 comments on “Under Construction: Petite Jacqueline

  1. great location for a walk-in pastry cafe, bad one for a full service restaurant. Where do you park?

  2. Joe Blow – Where do you park? Ummmm how about the same places everyone parks for all of the restaurants in the Old Port. Good grief.

  3. I agree with Joe Blow about the parking. We are elderly and this will be a challenge for us. We love Petite Jacqueline for lunch. We loved the quiet former space especially off-season.

  4. Such amazing news! Can.Not.Wait! Such a perfect location to start a night on the town,grab lunch, brunch, or breakfast! Brilliant !

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