Perennial Cider Bar

A new cider bar and “farm kitchen” called Perennial (website, instagram) is under construction in Belfast.

Perennial is a cider bar and farm kitchen in Belfast, Maine. We offer a menu of traditional and heritage hard ciders from Maine and beyond, along with dishes inspired by the products of our local farms, forests, and coastline. By showcasing the variety of expressions of the apple, the landscapes where they grow, and the culinary traditions that inspire us, our goal is to offer a taste of place and time that acknowledges the richness of the past while savoring the moment in front of us. We hope you’ll join us for a meal, a drink, or both when we open in April 2019.

Chef/curator Khristopher Hogg and barkeep Hunter Sunrise intend for Perennial to be not only a cider bar and restaurant but also a location for “tastings, talks, and other events“ that help “our community to meet and connect with the stories behind what we serve and even develop some new skills or interests along the way”.

Perennial is scheduled to hold their grand opening on April 3rd.

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