Under Construction: Otherside Delicatessen

The Forecaster has posted an update on the Otherside Delicatessen.

Quattrucci’s Variety at 164 Veranda St. was a neighborhood staple for more than three decades. The store closed without fanfare late last year, but the building won’t be empty very long.

Peter Sueltenfuss leased the building on Jan. 1 for the Otherside Delicatessen, which will open around Jan. 26, he said – as long as telephone and Internet connections are done.

5 comments on “Under Construction: Otherside Delicatessen

  1. Rent at jerky store is probably 6 or 7k a month, right? That’s a lot of jerky. Heard that christmas Noel space was going to 10k

  2. According to other business owners on that street, they closed right after Christmas.

    I do know that, surprise, they were having a bitter fight with Soley that was no where near being resolved when they closed.

  3. Anyone know the status of Suzuki’s ramen shop on Munjoy Hill? Besides Christmas decorations in the window, the place looks pretty deserted. I am not optimistic.

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