Under Construction: O’Maine Media Kitchen

mediakitchenO’Maine Studios (website, facebook, twitter, instagram) at 54 Danforth Street is construction a media kitchen in the space adjacent to their main studio. The 1,700 commercial kitchen had formerly served as the bakery for Cranberry Island Kitchen. It includes a demonstration space that will seat 20.

O’Maine Media Kitchen was created to meet and feed the growth of foodie content and innovate the next generation of food and beverage programming. Our fall launch will include new programming and celebration events such as a chef series, The Signature Series, focused on the Chef’s story of their signature dish, and a new beverage event/media series focused  the art of mixology and blending local products called Forage & Mix.

Owner Rory Strunk has a number of ideas for how O’Maine Media Kitchen could be used:

  • Commercial demonstration kitchen
  • Culinary content production
  • Chef hosted demonstrations
  • Cooking courses
  • Food photography classes
  • Food styling classes
  • mixology, beer and wine courses

Strunk plans to open the O’Maine Media Kitchen this Fall.

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