Under Construction: Local 188 Owner Opening Restaurant #3

According to a report by the Munjoy Hill News, Jay Villani plans on opening a third Portland restaurant this Spring.

“I’m going to be opening a new restaurant next spring.  It’ll be a chicken barbeque place and it’ll be on lower Congress Street,” said Jay Villani Saturday afternoon.

This will be Villani’s third restaurant and fourth food venture in Portland after Local 188, Sonny’s and Bunker Brewing.

7 comments on “Under Construction: Local 188 Owner Opening Restaurant #3

  1. Guarantee it’s at that old Portland Architectural salvage building right before Maine med skybridge.

  2. Thanks for that! I think that’s what he told me, but I couldn’t figure out where he was talking about.

  3. A correction: It’s a barbeque restaurant at 919 Congress Street – beyond the Maine Med Medical Center on the right. Employees standing out in front of the Maine Med Building are really looking forward to the new restaurant because there are so few restaurants in the area.
    Carol McCracken

  4. It’s the Portland Architectural building which is next to the new-ish Maine Med medical office building. The advantage is that there’s a skywalk from the parking garage across Congress Street to that building.

    I’m betting it’ll be very popular with Sea Dogs fans as it’s just a short walk from the ballfield.

  5. Wow, so I was right on my guess. Driving down Congress the other day I looked and thought where else could a place go and realized…..nowhere. That’s pretty sad.

    Yeah, you’re pretty much out of luck going to a sea dogs game and getting food (Dogfish is nice but small) so hopefully this will be big and somewhat kid friendly.

  6. There’s not of open spaces on Congress street of any ize right now. My guess is there’s only a half dozen from City Hall to Longfellow Square right now that are vacant. The largest of those spaces is the former yarn shop next to the Speckled Axe.

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