Under Construction: Kushiya Benkay & Novare’s New Thing

There are a couple new additions to the Under Construction list:

  • Kushiya Benkay is under construction at 653 Congress Street. If the address looks familiar it’s because it was the former home of Gogi, Barava, Granny’s, Uncle Billy’s, Nile, etc. It even once was the home of a Jim Ledue restaurant that I was quite fond of called Bella Cucina. According to Wikipedia Kushiya is a Japanese term for a skewered and charcoal grilled food, roughly analogous to Yakitori, except formally Yakitori only refers to grilled chicken and Kushiya could be any type of skewered food. The sign in the window indicates that they hope to be open as soon as July.
  • Novare Res is rumored to be working on a new venture which will, if the information proves out, be a pub/brewery/distillery that will be collaborating with other brewers in the state. From what I’ve heard the new place is located on the corner of Commercial and Union Wharf. There’s no official word yet from Novare Res on their plans.

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