Under Construction: In’finiti

The Bollard has published an article about In’finiti, the brewpub, distillery and eatery being launched by Novare Res on Commercial Street.

Guided by the vision of 32-year-old Yarmouth native Eric Michaud — proprietor of Novare Res Bier Café, the craft beer mecca in the Old Port — In’finiti is the first restaurant of its kind in Maine, and one of only a handful nationwide. It’s a brewery, distillery and eatery where patrons will soon be able to enjoy food, beer and cocktails entirely crafted within their range of sight.

The article also includes an overview of products from other Maine distilleries: Cold River, Twenty 2, New England Distilling, and Bartlett Winery.

For more information on In’finiti see this earlier post on PFM, and the last few comments on this thread on BeerAdvocate.com.

One comment on “Under Construction: In’finiti

  1. Just went for lunch today with the BRS crew (the first ones there for opening day!) – I give it an A+ – a couple of the guys had mixed reviews on the food – they wanted more salt on the pretzel – not enough seasoning on the wings – shit like that – they are a bunch of whiners in general – the house beer Primus Primus (I think) was unanimously well liked. I had the Chicharrón and Moules Frites – both were awesome – the mussels were in a nice unique pernod/butter/cream sauce – fries were nicely crisp – fried pig belly with chimichurri is a gift of the gods. I also loved having a non-standard gin choice – the Berkshire Mountain Greylock Gin – very nice up with a twist. You must go, and take me with you. That is all. Peace! -Sam

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