Under Construction: In’Finiti & more

A few new under construction factoids:

  • The new business that Novare Res has under development on Commercial Street will be call In’Finiti (see building permit below)
  • The latest issue of the Stir email newsletter, indicates that both Harding Lee Smith (the Rooms) and David Turin (David’s, David’s 388) are working on new restaurants. From what I’ve heard, Smith is working on a seaside seafood restaurant.
  • According to a tweet from Meredith Goad, there are rumors that “Buck’s Naked BBQ might be moving into the old Havana South space.”

One comment on “Under Construction: In’Finiti & more

  1. Interesting about the old Havana spot cause I heard a week or two ago that Sea Smoke BBQ was looking into it. That is such a tough spot to be successful in. Has to be somebody who already is established so maybe it will work for them.

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