Under Construction: In’finiti Fermentation & Distillation

In’finiti Fermentation and Distillation is the official name for Novare Res’ restaurant, brewery, distillery and retail shop that’s been under development for several months at 250 Commercial Street.

According to materials provided to the city with their liquor license application, they plan on serving lunch and dinner 7 days a week. The onsite brewery and distillery are primarily for on-premise consumption with some sales through their retail shop.

Based on floor plan (see below) it looks like there are plans for outdoor deck seating on the back side of the building. A draft food menu for In’finiti is online (page 57).


3 comments on “Under Construction: In’finiti Fermentation & Distillation

  1. The joy this In’finiti info brings me…..can not be put into words. Decent looking menu too.

    Pretty surprised at the hours on the little tap place. Doing breakfast and closing at 10PM? They gotta think that over. Kill the breakfast, do a weekend brunch, stay open til midnight or one the other nights.

  2. The food at Novare Res is good quality and tasty, so I’m looking forward to… well, everything from In’finiti.

    I think the Little Tap Place is going for a Front Room type of thing with the three meals a day. Time will tell I suppose.

  3. I hope someone tells In’finiti that the distillery part of the operation might be a bust. From the laws on the books, they will have to make the spirit – register with TTB, pay to list it with the state (36.8% mark up), send the product to Gardiner (Pine State – transportation costs), have a delivering agent purchase (ex. RSVP -12% mark up) the product from Maine Beverage. Then In’finiti will buy back their own product and serve to patrons at their restaurant. Also, if other agents want to purchase this product they can. This could cause out of stocks. With beer it’s so much easier. Brew pubs are clearly defined.

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