Under Construction: Hero

A new sandwich shop called Hero is under construction at 30 City Center in the former Soakology space. The cover letter sent to the City Council along with their beer and wine application states, “There will be limited dining on-premise and out door seasonal seating with a majority of the foods prepared to go for takeout.”

Todd Bernard, co-owner of Empire, along with Mike Keon and Anthony Allen, owners of Otto and Ocho, are collaborating on the project. They plan to open Hero 7 days a week 11:30-10, and according to the application are targeting an opening date in mid-December.

The floor plan for Hero shows seating for 28. A simple draft menu (page 30) was supplied with the application.


2 comments on “Under Construction: Hero

  1. Is this the space that’s had several posters with odd images in the window for some time now? Currently a kid with French fries in his nose? I’ve been wondering what was going to go in that space. I was kind of hoping it would be a fry shop.

  2. That’s the one. They’ve considered a few different concepts along the way to settling on this one. It may be, one of them was a fry shop.

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