Under Construction: Gross Confection Bar

Pastry chef Brant Dadaleares has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the launch of his dessert-only restaurant Gross Confection Bar (instagram) The $35,000 raised by the campaign will be used to pay for the build-out of the restaurant and for refrigeration equipment.

Gross Confection Bar will be a dessert-focused restaurant and bar to be located in the heart of the Old Port district in Portland, Maine. Gross will provide a unique and consistent restaurant experience featuring an ever changing selection of high-quality artfully-plated desserts, cocktails, dessert wines, digestifs, and exceptional service. Gross will also provide a consistent selection of enrobed ganaches, fruit pates, bon-bon, entremets, late night savory snacks and desserts to go. Gross will create a new niche for a “just for dessert” destination experience in Portland.

I’ve been seeking out and happily consuming Dadaleares’ desserts for many years at Fore Street, Eventide/Honey/Paw, Central Provisions/Tipo and at his dessert pop-ups. Portland Food Map is a contributor to the Gross Confection Bar Kickstarter campaign.

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  1. From the kickstarter page:

    “The dessert bar concept is quickly becoming a national market trend. Given the exceptional experience of its team, Gross has the potential to nab the first-to-market spot for such an establishment in Greater Portland”

    I’d say Bar of Chocolate was first to market quite a few years ago.

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