Under Construction: Granny’s Burritos & The Bakery on the Hill

Here are a pair of new items on the Under Construction list:

  • Owner Chris Godin is reopening Granny’s Burritos. This new incarnation of Granny’s will be located on the 2nd floor of the Public Market House in the space formerly occupied by Deux Cochon. Godin has announced a grand reopening will take place September 4th.
  • The Bakery on the Hill is the name a of new French bakery that under construction at 253 Congress Street a couple doors down from Figa. Their goal is to open in October.

One comment on “Under Construction: Granny’s Burritos & The Bakery on the Hill

  1. I believe this is the fourth location for Granny’s Burritos with their previous locations being (first) a cart in the foyer of a Granny Killam’s Industrial Drinkhouse on Market Street where the Big Easy is now followed by a restaurant where I think I believe a pizza place is now on Fore Street and then the short lived collaboration with Uncle Billy’s Barbeque where Gogi’s is now.

    Were they anywhere else?

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