4 comments on “Funky Bow Seeks Tasting Room Space

  1. The old Wok Inn at Morrills corner? Every day I am hoping for something cool to move there.

  2. No the picture shows cove st in bayside. The milk and honey building . Logical location and doubt that would use a random pic of that building

  3. Nick, I contacted Funky Bow and they indicated they haven’t leased a space yet. I agree the picture seems to suggest a specific East Bayside building but apparently they haven’t landed on one yet.

    Nicole, Based on comments on instagram, they do seem interested in landing a spot in East Bayside so it doesn’t seem likely that the former Wok Inn will be it. But maybe someday someone lease and renovate that property in Morrill’s Corner.

  4. Anestes – East Bayside seems like a much better spot for a beer tasting room – but I’ll never give up hope on Morrill’s Corner!

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