Under Construction: Forq Food Lab

forqfoodlab_logoA new venture named Forq Food Lab is now under development in Portland. Founders Neil Spillane and Eric Holstein are creating a commercial kitchen and business incubator to help Maine food entrepreneurs get through the early stages of product development and to successfully launch their businesses.

Business owners will get access to Forq on a membership basis similar to how coworking spaces like Think Tank and Peleton Labs operate. They plan to provide to members:

  • Immediate market feedback and validation with a public tasting room on-site
  • Staff that trains members on equipment, regulatory compliance, and business plans
  • Equipment that is maintained and available to use immediately with no up-front investment
  • Member collaboration: Innovative products, sales leads, lower ingredient costs

Spillane and Holstein have put together a strong board of advisors, located a potential space for the kitchen and are now finding the remaining funding they need to make it a reality.

Investors and/or potential Forq business members can contact Neil Spillane for more information at forqfoodlab@gmail.com.

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