Under Construction: Food Factory Miyake

Miyake is planning to revive their original spot on Spring Street to (re)launch Food Factory Miyake next year, as a BYOB casual restaurant serving Japanese comfort food. Food Factory Miyake was the original name for Miyake when it first opened at 129 Spring Street in 2007.

Ever since 2011 when Miyake moved to Fore Street, the old space has been used for offices and as a base of operations for catering.

10 comments on “Under Construction: Food Factory Miyake

  1. Miyake lost a speck of it’s charm on the move to Fore street. As someone who frequents Pai Men once every month or two and Miyake 2-3 times a year, this is very welcome news. West End Deli should see a nice uptick in their sake sales again and I may get some of my favorite BYOB food experiences back.

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