Under Construction: Figa, Sabieng, Katahdin, Velvet

When the City Council meets on Monday they will be voting on 4 liquor license applications for businesses that are under construction, changing names or moving:

  • The long awaited opening of Figa will be one step closer once they have approval for their liquor license. The application includes a sample menu (page 80) and indicates that they “hope to open the second week of December, 2009.”
  • Katahdin is moving from their longtime location at the intersection of Spring and High Streets to the space formerly occupied by Geo’s on Forest Ave.
  • Sabieng will be the new name for the Thai restaurant (currently Nakornping Thai) located next to Portland Stage on Forest Ave.
  • Velvet is a new bar that’s taking over the spot on the corner of Fore and Union Streets next to Pearl.

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  1. Zeta Cafe to open mid-December in space last occupied by Emma D’s, 117 Ocean St (Legion Sq Rotary) in SoPo.

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