Under Construction: Eventide Oyster & Speckled Ax Espresso

A pair of updates for the Under Construction list:

  • The new coffee shop under development on Congress Street by the owner of Matt’s Wood-Roasted Coffee is slated to be named Speckled Ax Espresso. A regular contributor to PFM wrote to inform me that Speckled Ax is a reference to a story from Ben Franklin autobiography. Speckled Ax is scheduled to open sometime in April.
  • The new owners of Hugo’s have leased the space formally occupied by Rabelais and plan on remaking it into a companion restaurant called Eventide Oyster Company. In addition to oysters the owners plan on serving a more casual menu of other items. Eventide will have a separate entrance but the two restaurants will be connected by sharing a common kitchen. It’s scheduled to open this Spring.

One comment on “Under Construction: Eventide Oyster & Speckled Ax Espresso

  1. Looks like something new might be going into the space formerly known as Ari’s East End Market and Fasulo’s on Washington Ave. Also it appears that Fez has been reinvented as “Sahara”.

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