Under Construction: Dutch’s

A new restaurant called Dutch’s (facebook, instagram, twitter) is now under construction at 28 Preble Street in the space formerly occupied by Down Home Cookin’. Owner Ian Dutch plans to “using the best ingredients to Create Food You Crave“.

The menu will include sandwich items like the Dutch Crunch (red wine braised beef, mashed potatos, crispy onions) and the Crispy Chicken (chicken, red pepper jelly, bacon, cheddar, romaine). Dutch’s will be open for breakfast and lunch.

See the PFM Under Construction page for a complete list of Portland food businesses in development.

5 comments on “Under Construction: Dutch’s

  1. This is a nice change! Its lovely how many special and high end places have opened lately. But we need more options in the quality, affordable range. I’ve eaten enough pizza and burritos for awhile. While I love the food truck options (quality, affordable in spades), its really tough to incorporate them in your regular dining schedule because who might be around at dinner time and where is nearly impossible to discern until you get the tweet that they’ve opened. There is all kinds of pent-up demand and money for individuals and families who want good food thats other than pizza.

  2. this is the type of place that sets off my spidey sense with location and offerings. We shall see. Good luck guys

  3. Nick – I’m going to hope for the best and cross my fingers. Your comment on location is interesting because I have come to the conclusion that costly rent is the biggest obstacle to a greater variety of establishments on the peninsula. I know absolutely nothing about this Dutch place but figure the rent must be fairly cheap considering the place that just left it. There is parking in the garage. The guy seems to have decent credentials.

    Or…. restauranteurs could start taking over Knightville and create a new little food haven. I always like to throw that out there just in case 😉

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