Under Construction: Craft Beer Store (Updated)

111commercialst111 Commercial Street, the space formerly occupied by Port Bean Cafe, has been leased. The new owners plan on opening a retail craft beer store.

Update: The new store will be part of the multi-state Craft Beer Cellar chain. For additional info see this report on Eater Maine.

6 comments on “Under Construction: Craft Beer Store (Updated)

  1. Really? Unless that’s Bier Cellar part deux that’s pretty crappy considering Port Wine and Spirits just did that space a block away.

    On a random note, how’s that M2 juice bar going? That is one of those bad spaces and really the wrong concept to do in there. People just aren’t learning. I hope they’re doing well but I never see anybody there and I have a feeling they are going to face the same fate as that place on Free street.

  2. Another random note, it doesn’t look like anything is yet happening with the Mesa Verde spot. Any word on if that Italian place is still going there?

  3. Looks like it’s actually a place called the “Craft Beer Cellar,” a franchised chain with quite a few other locations: https://craftbeercellar.com/

    Having to contend with Old Port parking I imagine locals will still opt for the service/selection at Bier Cellar or the volume at RSVP — I’ll give them atleast one shot but will they get enough foot traffic from tourists? Time will tell.

  4. I haven’t heard anything to the contrary so I think it’s still going forward, albeit slowly. They did get approved for a liquor license awhile back.

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