Under Construction: Conley Leases 428 Forest Ave

Chad Conley, co-owner of Palace Diner, has leased the former Brea Lu Cafe space at 428 Forest Ave where he plans to open a new restaurant serving breakfast and lunch. This new venture will serve a different menu from Palace Diner.

The building was the scene of a fire a year ago that displaced Brea Lu and other residents. It’s in the early stages of construction right now, and Conley hopes to open the restaurant this summer.

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  1. Bit of a guess, but it seems like something may be going into the former Taco Trio location on Forest Ave.
    “For Lease” sign came down a few weeks backs, large piles of split wood have appeared in front of the entrance, and I recently witnessed a Pratt Abbot truck dropping off what I can only assume was uniforms.

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