Under Construction: Coffee by Design in East Bayside

According to a report in the Press Herald real estate section, Coffee by Design has bought a 44,000 square foot building in East Bayside where they plan on housing their roasting operation and “will feature a coffee bar training center, a public cupping and tasting bar, and a showroom for residential and commercial coffee equipment sales.” According to the article they’ll also be offering public tours of the facility.

The article is not, as far as I can tell, available online.

4 comments on “Under Construction: Coffee by Design in East Bayside

  1. I’m pretty sure CBD must know that Tandem Coffee is already in East Bayside, with a coffee bar, doing public cuppings…are they trying to be like starbucks and open up near smaller (better) shops? Or will East Bayside become the new “gourmet ghetto” of coffee roasters?

  2. Hmm, is this going into the space on the corner of Anderson and Fox across from the basketball courts?

  3. It’s right on the corner of Diamond and Fox, near the intersection with Anderson. Just across Diamond from Maine Craft Distilling and Rising Tide.

  4. Great, I have lived in the neighborhood on Fox for about 10 years, I’m really happy to see how many quality places are moving in and taking advantage of the space. The neighborhood has a lot to offer! I am happy to think of the prospect of increased foot traffic too with all of the art, excercise, and trade establishments choosing to make their home in East Bayside, the more the merrier.

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