Under Construction: Coffee by Design in East Bayside

Sprudge has published a set of photos as well as a Q&A with Coffee by Design about their new roastery and cafe in East Bayside.

The triangular shape of the coffee bar is designed to highlight different coffee brewing method…A blending station will also be part of the coffee bar mix so customers have the opportunity to create their own blends from that roaster’s choice of origin coffees each week.

CBD expects to open the new cafe “sometime during the holidays”.

4 comments on “Under Construction: Coffee by Design in East Bayside

  1. So, did anyone else notice this part of the article: “We are excited about our new space and new neighbors Bunker Brewing, Maine Craft Distilling, Rising Tide Brewing, Urban Farm Fermentory, Bomb Diggity Bakery, Portland Power Yoga, Horizon Energy and Maine Green Building. We plan on having some great block parties!”

    So, anyone who knows this neighborhood (and is reading a coffee blog) would notice that they clearly, expressly, and seemingly intentionally failed to mention the existence of Tandem Coffee Roasters RIGHT NEXT DOOR (although they mentioned Bunker, which sits on the same parcel as Tandem, and literally every other business in the immediate area). Very subtle, CBD.

  2. CBD will impact local coffeeshops harder than any of the Starbucks ever have. Actually I’ve read that Starbucks actually help out local shops in cities which appears to be the case considering Bard opened up across from them, Speckled Ax on Congress, plus all the other ones that have popped up since Starbucks hit our scene. Guess they have the anti-Walmart effect

  3. I noticed that as well–it was hard to miss with such a long list of other East Bayside businesses … and once conspicuous omission

    That’s ok. I guess the new CBD building will be nice to look at from the outside … on my way to Tandem.

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