Under Construction: Cia & 428 Brighton Ave


Coffee continues to be a growth industry in the Portland area:

  • Construction of Cia on Ocean Street in South Portland looks nearly complete and almost ready to open. The name is an acronym for coffee, ice cream and art.
  • A new coffee shop and cafe is under construction on Brighton in the old home of Udder Place. According to a report from The Bollard, the space is being developed by “Joe and Shay Mcgonigal, proprietors of The Crooked Mile coffee shop and lunch spot in the Old Port.”

For more info on the 22 other eateries, bakeries and bars under development, see the Under Construction list.

3 comments on “Under Construction: Cia & 428 Brighton Ave

  1. Tweet from blue rooster ” looking like this is the week folks”

    Interested to see where this place fits in. It’s gone under the radar. Is it in the market of Crooked mile and black tie or something different. Looking forward to finding out

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