Under Construction: Brew Pub, Scales, Trouble, Figgy’s

29 Wharf Street, the former location of Dancing Elephant II, has been leased where business owner Richard Binet is planning to open a brew pub. The name of business is Portland Mash Tun, LLC.

As expected, the seafood restaurant Dana Street and Sam Hayward have under development on Commercial Street will be named Scales.

The Portland Phoenix reports that Josh Soley’s project to open Trouble, an “old fashioned theater-bar”, is on hold because Soley is 20 years old and so too young to hold a liquor license.

The Urban Eye has published an update on Figgy’s,

Behind Yordprom Coffee on Congress Street something tasty is taking shape. Figgy’s, a take-out spot featuring fried chicken, wings and high-end comfort food, is rising from the ground up.

6 comments on “Under Construction: Brew Pub, Scales, Trouble, Figgy’s

  1. Figgy’s gonna be a great addition to neighborhood . Saw logo sign up in their window today

    Saw that christmas Noel across from Starbucks on exchange is closing end of month. Be a great spot for a bramhall-esque place

  2. I’ll be sorry to see Christmas Noel go; it’s the only Christmas store in the area now.

  3. The name and establishment The Mash Tun Brewpub already exists in Portland, Oregon. Is this an expansion of the same brewery??

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