Under Construction: Bramhall

Urban Eye has posted an update on Bramhall, the casual food and drink destination now under construction in the old Bramhall Pub in the West End.

“New places are super food-focused and the food scene is awesome,” he said, but amid all the James Beard nods, something was amiss.

“It can be a challenge to grab a meal for two, even lunch, for less than $80 in Portland,” said Fraser. “I want people to be able to come in and have a few drinks and have a good time.”…Meals at the new Bramhall gastropub will be priced from $8 to $10. In the kitchen is Chris [Beaulieu], former sou chef at Duck Fat and chef at Sebago Brewery in Portland.

Owner Mike Fraser hopes to open Bramhall next month.

7 comments on “Under Construction: Bramhall

  1. Can’t wait to head back, been missing this place since it closed. Thank you for bringing it back and keeping the character of the original!

  2. Hard to find a lunch for two under eighty dollars for two in the Old Port? That’s just bullshit. There are dozens of good, and sometimes great places, including Duckfat and Olive Cafe to name but two that’ll run you well under twenty dollars a person with a drink.

    And this Pub certainly ain’t in the Old Port, so that’s not his competition — it’s the cluster of restaurants in or near Lonfellow Square, most of which (if open at that hour) are quite affordable.

  3. Somehow never went when it was open but really looking forward to it. Dark brick underground vibe should be great.

    I picked the right time to move back to that area. Bramhall , tandem, new place next to yordprom, rosemont coming to west end place, bao bao, etc

  4. Great! That stretch of Congress St. needs some gentrification. The street life is fairly unsavory.

  5. If he brings this back the way he sounds like he is going to he’s not going to be competing with anything in Longfellow Square, the only competition he’ll have over there is the Pizza Villa, which has a similar vibe and a similar clientele to what the Bramhall used to have. This isnt LFK, Pai Men, or Local 188 – this is some place you can go to play darts and hang out like Ruski’s or Rosie’s. As a lifelong Portland resident and someone who used to frequent the Bramhall, I am psyched. I was really sad the night I went to have a few beers and the doors were shut.

  6. I was reacting to his really silly statement that it wasn’t possible to find a lunch for two in the Old Port for less than eighty dollars. And if he’s planning a lunch business that those Longfellow Square are his natural competition as Pizza Villa is a long ways off by foot.

    I think his strongest hours will be evening and weekends as there’s nothing like him in that area.

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