Under Construction: Bissell Brothers Moving

After months of speculation, Bissell Brothers has confirmed that they’ll be moving the brewery to Thompson’s Point in 2016.

We are excited to announce that in the second quarter of 2016 we will be moving our entire operation to the Brick North building at Thompson’s Point in Portland. The move will include a significant increase in production capacity, tap room size, & retail efficiency, while allowing us to keep the Bissell Brothers spirit, experience, and commitment to providing fresh beer for Maine intact.

The announcement from Noah and Peter Bissell shares that the “need to consider relocation came far earlier than any of us expected” and they are “pumped to be able to use the flexibility of the larger space to deliver you more of the beers you love, as well as new offerings, and take customer service and the on-premise experience to the next level”.

Bissell Brothers plan to send out regular updates as the build out for the new brewery gets under way.

Plans submitted to the planning board for Thompson’s Point show a 10,000 square foot designated for a brewery. In addition to Bissell Brothers, the point will also be home to a 5,000 square foot tasting room for Cellardoor Winery, Stroudwater Spirits distillery, and Jason Loring’s seafood restaurant called The Point.

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  1. Love their beer, admire Peter and Noah and how well they represent Maine, HATE going to their brewery and waiting in line with the beer geek throngs from out of state. Stopped drinking Bissell beer for that very reason. Hopefully the larger space at TP will be more local friendly.

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