Under Construction: Bier Cellar

Bier Cellar is under construction at 299 Forest Ave across the street from Glickman Library. As the name suggests the store will retail craft beer as well as a big selection of craft beer, as well as wine, cider and mead. Owners Greg and Katie Norton “are optimistically shooting for June 1” for an opening day.

3 comments on “Under Construction: Bier Cellar

  1. Also the edge is closed(shocking) on fore st and something
    Is def going on the corner where foreplay is. Paper on windows and working hard inside. Any idea?

    Spread is open and they have their menu
    On the window. Nothing Chinese about it

  2. Are you sure they’re open? When i looked in earlier Monday it stil looked like there was construction going on.

  3. Well they were packed on Saturday night unless it was
    Friends and family. Didn’t see a sign stating that. Maybe
    Just the bar side was open.

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