Under Construction: BaoBao Dumpling House

Chef Cara Stadler has submitted a liquor license application for BaoBao Dumpling House, the new restaurant she has under construction at 133 Spring Street, the former home of the West End Deli. Stadler is the chef/owner of Tao Yuan in Brunswick; she recently was named one of the Food & Wine Best New Chefs of 2014.

According to the cover letter sent with the application,

The concept of baobao is to take the more popular menu items from the Tao Yuan, in particular dumplings and vegetable sides, and offer them in a more casual setting (lower price point and faster service model) but in greater varieties and, of course, the same food quality.

See below for a draft menu and floor plan for the 36-seat restaurant.


5 comments on “Under Construction: BaoBao Dumpling House

  1. Dan Dan Noodles!!! Mapo Dofu Dumplings sound delicious. I hope the szechuan dishes are a hit so there are lots of them.

  2. I love this concept. Looks great. I enjoy the next door Miayke Diner but find it limited with the veggie and non-meat offerings. This will be a great option.

  3. We were the last seating for the Tao Yaun Uighur dinner a couple months ago and I still talk about the courses, especially the dumplings. So, yeah, what Dave said…

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